Wolcen Review: Avoid it for now

This could have been big. A hit. Right now it feels incomplete.


The first time I saw the trailer few years back, I got excited for this game.  I was never able to try it in Alpha, I did not bought it during it’s early access. I was thinking to myself, I will just play this game once everything is completed. A few more years it stayed in early access and just last February 13, 2020 the full game was released. Or was it?


Classless/Open ended class progression

– the idea of not having to be locked on a certain class or skill feels great. This adds diversity to the overall build of the character. This is actually what caught my attention during its early years.

Skills trees are easy to grasp

–  There are tons of skills to choose. The skills itself might actually be overwhelming but the skill trees and how the skills connect are easy to understand.


Game feels clunky

– there is a certain lag whenever I perform an action whether it be fighting monster or just selling loots to an NPC. I know there are some server issues as well, but it is not a delayed network connection. It is the actual movement and responsiveness of the character that has issues.

Skill runes does not have a function (at least some of them)

– Either that or it is not giving you enough information about what they actually do. How hard can it be for the developers to actually spend some time explaining what these skills do? They have a bright idea of having a classless progression but they can’t explain the skills or maybe it does not really do anything.

User Interface is horrible

-UI design is very important especially for ARPGs. You expect to see how much damage your summon makes or how many stacks of status effects have you actually applied. Wolcen does not show that. Is it by design? I don’t know, but if it is, it sucks.

Game content is incomplete

– This game has been in early access for years and only ACT I has real content? Act II and Act III are just empty aside from the main story quest. I can’t help but wonder, if this is the full version of the game, what does the Alpha actually look like?

The issues I discussed above would probably take longer time to fix. The following issues are the ones I think is something that should be easily fixed.


– do you want to find unlimited chests?  Just go up and down the same stairs. The overall economy is broken because of this.

Overpowered skills

– any ARPG game would always have this issue at first so this is acceptable. Hopefully they can balance/nerf the skills so that players won’t be able to one shot a boss.

Game crashes

– another issue that often happens on Day 1 release. Unfortunately, it looks like the developers are so in rush that they even forget to add the actual error codes when your game crashes. This is just stupid. How do we really know you are going to fix it when there is nothing thrown in the screen except for error [0] ?

Random Character Deletion

– They said they applied the fix. But at the time of this writing ( February 18, 2020) it still happens.


I hate to say it. I wanted to love this game but for now, just stay away from it. I would even say wait for another year before thinking on buying this game. I don’t know what’s going on with WOLCEN studio and the management team, but it is ridiculous to release this game on its current state.


Game Visuals
Games Sounds/ Music
Game Controls
User Interface
Character Design
Story and Overall content

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