LoL Wild Rift Release Date

Everyone in the MOBA community  is hyped for the much anticipated League of Legends: Wild Rift. The upcoming League inspired mobile game from RIOT. Last 2019, they announced that Wild Rift release date will be sometime in 2020.

Developer Updates

We are almost at the half of the year but we still have not heard anything about the release date from the developers apart from their Youtube update last March 2020.

That is until some of reddit users post a screenshot of what appears to be an updated page of LoL Wild Rift in the playstore. In the reddit post by u/happyname, it looks like an “Install” button was added along with some description about the app.

According to some of the comments, the updated playstore page was available in Europe, Philippines, India, South America.

However, avid fans were disappointed when after waiting for several hours, the app is still throwing an error when they click on install. Some even said they deleted some of their games just to make some space on their phone.

A tweet from Wild Rift’s Comms Lead Ben Forbes confirms that they have updated their google play store page “on some foundational stuff right now to prepare for testing later this year”.

Still there is no exact Wild Rift Release date on when can we get our hands on this game. Let our hardworking developers from RIOT polish the game the way they envisioned it. Also, beware of any sources or sites apart from the official Wild Rift website and pages that claim to give you access to the game. It might just be a scam or a virus.

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