ROG PHONE II a contender for the best gaming smartphone

Can it live up to the hype?


According to TechCrunch, “The global gaming market is estimated to be worth $152 Billion with 45% of that, $68.5 billion coming directly from mobile games.” These tremendous amounts of money have lured the interest of some of the biggest gaming publishers in the world.  Gone are the days where Mobile Gaming is only for casual games. We are now seeing PC/Console games ported to Mobile platforms.  And with this, comes the next big question. Which smartphone is the best for gaming?  ASUS aims to have the answer. Asus ROG Phone II.

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The ROG Phone II is the most ambitious and powerful smartphone Asus has ever created. We know it is packed with features. But how does it really stand in the real world?


Battery Life

-I did play Honor of kings and call of duty mobile (urL) and was able to play for about 18 hours without charging and it still has ~30% remaining in the battery. I am super impressed with how long I can play games before the battery drains out. I did notice some heat on the upper left part but I think that is where the vent is. There is a built in feature to check the battery temperature if you are worried.  Mine never reached 50 celsius though.

” even if you managed to drain the battery low, you can still play comfortably because you can use the side mounted port to charge the phone “


– You don’t know how happy I was when I started scrolling the settings of the game Honor of Kings to Ultra/Max.  It drove me crazy when I was able to play the game at 60fps (most games are capped in 60fps but this phone has 120Hz refresh rate screen) with all the effects on, SMOOTHLY.  ASUS ROG PHONE II is too powerful that you don’t even know where to use it.


– Have you ever experienced where in the middle of a game, you have to charge your phone? I did a couple of times and each time I do, it had a negative impact on my  gameplay.  Most of the games I play are in landscape mode so playing while charging the phone is a bit annoying especially that you have to adjust your grip because of the charging cord. Asus ROG Phone 2 was built with gamers in mind and so it houses 3 USB-C ports with two located on the side and one at the bottom. Now even if you managed to drain the battery low, you can still play comfortably because you can use the side mounted port to charge the phone.


– This device boasts 1080×2340 display with 120Hz refresh rate and as I mentioned before, most the games I play are capped in 60 FPS. I tried playing FF XV Pocket Edition just for me to test the 120Hz refresh rate. The ROG Phone 2 perfectly handles the game and it just left me wishing that more games like COD or Honor of Kings support 120 fps. Aside from the Games, most of the Apps in Android OS supports 120 FPS. This means you will notice the smoothness even if you are browsing on facebook, twitter or reddit.


– when it comes to screen responsiveness in general, my benchmark is Apple. No other brand comes close when we are talking about screen responsiveness. With that in mind, I am very pleased with how the ROG Phone 2 is very smooth and responsive to touch. This means a lot especially for gaming where a millisecond of delay could mean a star in ranked match.

Massive Storage

– The ASUS ROG Phone 2 does not have an internal slot for expandable memory. But unlike Apple,  ROG Phone 2 storage starts at 128GB. This is huge given that most of the AAA games in smartphones could eat 10-15GB of storage. You can have around 3-4 AAA games installed and will still have room for in gameplay videos or highlight reels for that mega kill.



– The price of ROG Phone 2 alone is around $600 and to me that is fair. BUT if you are going to buy the complete gaming accessories, it would cost you around $1000 or more.

Design is okay

– ROG Phone 2 is built with gamers in mind. However, I was never a fan of RGB lightings so I was not really impressed with the lights and aggressive design.

Not Water resistant

– When I play video games whether it is on PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch and even mobile phones, I always have some snacks and drinks to enjoy. Accidents do happen like spilling your soda or energy drink while playing. Not having a water resistant feature is a minus point to me. I understand that it is probably because of the design on how the phone dissipates heat that water resistant is not possible. If you are not clumsy like me then certainly this is not an issue for you.

One thing that most of the users get angry about the phone is the Network Carrier support. I would advise that before buying, make sure to check with your Network carrier for compatibility concerns. I would be really furious as well if I spend $600 on a phone that can’t make a call.

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Battery Life
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