Remnant: From the Ashes is not a looter shooter

Yes you shoot. Yes you pick up loots. But it is not a looter shooter.


I have not heard about Remnant: From the Ashes until it was released last August 2019. At that time I was looking forward for the game GreedFall which was released last September 2019. Remnant from the Ashes was sold around $20 at that time and since it was more than a month before GreedFall’s release, I decided to give it a shot.

If you are planning to buy the game because you think it is a looter shooter, NO it is not. If you are planning to buy it is because you hear it is “dark souls with guns”, you might get disappointed. “Souls like” games are not just difficult games. For me, a “souls like” game is both a challenging and a mysterious story telling game. Something that Remnant from Ashes failed to do.

With that said, I have listed the things that I like and I don’t like with game.

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“Replayability” – Dungeons and some boss fights are randomly generated. The weapons you collected and monster you fought during your first run could be different on your succeeding plays. This is NOT a LOOTER SHOOTER where you commonly get a bunch of useless weapons and the legendary ones, rarely. Every boss you kill will drop an item depending on how you kill it. You can use it to craft a weapon, mod, or armour. This encourages playing the whole game multiple times.

“Souls games have a mysterious way of introducing the world to you. Remnant from the ashes Completely missed that”

Combat is satisfying  – the character movement is fluid. Each gun actually feels different which is nice. Melee weapons has a lot of room for improvement. But its not bad.

Graphics is well optimized – even if you have a low spec PC, you can play this game smoothly.

Co – op Play is fun – the difficulty of the monsters increases when you join multiplayer which makes the game more exciting. You can randomly join someone else’s story or play with your friends (Friendly Fire is ON). I personally loved the co-op more than the solo play. NOTE:  The game progress is tied to the host player only. You will get no progression into your own story aside from the items you find.

Price – even though it does not really succeed becoming “dark souls” with guns, it does not feel that it is a cheap rip off. You get a full game that would (depending how good you are) take you 20-ish hours to finish. If you are a completionist then I would say you can spend 100 hours on this game.


Weak Story – I cannot describe how disappointed I am with the story. Souls games have a mysterious way of introducing the world to you. Remnant from the Ashes completely missed this.

Boring Atmosphere – Remnant from the Ashes has randomly generated maps BUT the worlds are always the same. The maps can be different each run but the overall feel is the same.

Character build customization is MEH – how can you have your own unique character in the world when everybody can just go max all the traits? Variety among the players would just be the armor or weapon mods.

Boss Fights are, at best, okay – I was expecting  more complicated Boss fights. I am not saying that it was easy but the overall intelligence and diversity of the bosses is lacking. The only boss fight I found unique and entertaining was Ixillis. And NO, the additional spawns does not make the boss fights complicated. It just makes the fight longer.

No PVP – I know this is a PvE but PVP is good for end game content.


Remnant: From the Ashes is a very good game for it’s price. I would highly recommend this to those people who enjoys guns with coop gameplay.

If you are a “souls” fan, don’t expect it to be as hard as the souls game we got used to and it will be fun.

For those who loves looter shooter or those who plays the game for a fascinating lore, sorry it’s not for you.