Red Dead Redemption 2 is a masterpiece

And hopefully they would improve RDR Online


Red Dead Redemption 2 is a masterpiece


Gorgeous, breathing open world – Red Dead Redemption 2 is a masterpiece. It is one of most beautiful games I have ever played. This is also one of the reasons why I was so excited when it was announced that it will be released in PC. I actually have (unfortunately) pre ordered the ultimate edition of the PC version last October 2019.  From snowy mountains, to lush green fields and murky swamp lands and just the relaxing views from a cliffside. I sometimes spend hours on this game to look for a picture perfect spot for Arthur Morgan.

” An open world with tons of quests waiting around might sound daunting to some. Some may not be able to finish it. I didn’t, until after 2 months of playing it. Don’t rush it. You are suppose to explore the world and get to know the people in the world. “

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Music and Voice Acting – This is another spot that Rockstar nailed it. The background music is perfect. The voice acting is convincing and it adds a lot in terms of character development throughout the story.

 “GTA in Cowboy suits” is typically what I would hear from others when Red Dead Redemption 2 is mentioned. It is hard to disagree with them. You take up quests to advance the story, you take up side quests to earn money or weapon, you kill animals for food or crafting, you can play cards, you can win a horse race or you can just wreak havoc across the country road. I enjoy non-linear gameplays as long as the quests that you can find in the world are not just fetch quests.

Aside from the tragic but unforgettable main character story, the npcs that gives you the side quests have their own stories too. An open world with tons of quests waiting around might sound daunting to some. Some may not be able to finish it. I didn’t, until after 2 months of playing it. Don’t rush it. You are suppose to explore the world and get to know the people in the world.

Game Controls – I have tried playing this game on PS4 and boy I would say keyboard and mouse is way better. Who needs dead eye when I can headshot everyone at normal speed?   The keyboard, mouse and camera default settings are perfectly fine but they are highly customizable( I did modify the camera controls when riding a horse)  or you could even plug in your joystick if you prefer it. The character combat controls are smooth and on point. I just wish I had the PC rig to run it in ultra @144fps.

Character Design- Visually the character designs are well made. Even the movements of the lips are on sync when you have a dialogue. Story wise, the character development is captivating. It is easy to get hooked on each of the characters (specially if you have played RDR1).

Challenge- The story mode is easy. Super easy. You might fail some quests a few times but not to the point of rage quitting.

Mesmerize on this beautiful view

Collection of gears and weapons  is another is another fun thing to do in the game. You track legendary animals kill it, collect the part and use it to craft a cloth or a trinket. I am happy that they have this feature as this can be an ice breaker whenever you get tired with doing quests. The RDR online is another thing though. Since you will be playing against other real people, you expect that there is more thrill more strategies and more thinking involve. (That is if you can connect to RDR online)

CONS (yes there are!):

You will spend much of your time travelling- RDR2 sits in a beautiful, huge open world set in 1899. The primary mode of transport is riding a horse or trains for inter cities. Most of the time you would need to go from one place to another. Travelling while riding a horse is fun for the first few hours but eventually you will get tired of it. Either a rival gang ambushes you and you die or you get bored.  And what happens when boredom hits? You shoot people. You shoot everything you see. Then you realized the town where your main quest should be is on locked down because you went berserk. There is a fast travel involve in the game but it only works for main towns. I wish there was more option to travel faster.

RDR Crashes, Online Connection and Hacker issues (mostly PC port issues)-   after you have finished the story you are gonna be looking for more. More of the Wild Wild west gunfights. The best place to stay SHOULD be the Red Dead Online. However,  most of the time I can’t connect to the online service. If I do manage, it won’t be long before someone would just magically spawn behind me and kill me. I hope they do something on the connection problems and online exploits that I am experiencing. RDR Online would be a lot of fun.

I know it is not related to the game itself but I am one of those who were extremely disappointed and furious when the PC port was released last November 2019. As I mentioned earlier I was really excited that I preordered the Ultimate Edition.

However, as soon as I try to play the game it kept on crashing. It took me more than a week just to be able to play the story mode. The issue with RDR online is forgivable. But being unable to play the story mode at the day of launch it is extremely disappointing.


Overall (across all platforms), the game is great and is HIGHLY recommended. The price might be steep for some, but it is definitely worth it. I wouldn’t recommend buying anything above the standard edition though. (I bought the ultimate digital version and it is not worth it.) If you are planning to buy it on PC be aware that at the time of this writing, while the launching issues have been fixed, the Online disconnection problems and hackers still persists.

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