Predator Hunting Grounds Beta Review

What is Predator Hunting Grounds?

Predator: Hunting Grounds is an “immersive asymmetrical shooter” where you can either play as a member of an elite Fireteam and complete paramilitary operations before the Predator finds you or, play as the Predator to hunt the elite Fireteam and prevent them from completing their military missions.

Predator: Hunting Grounds. In Game Screenshot

Predator Hunting Grounds Beta Review

Initially set to be released on April 24 2020, Predator Hunting Grounds was on a Free Trial on both PC (EPIC) and PS4 (Playstation Plus Subscription required to play on PS4) starting last March 27 (17:00 PST) to March 29 (23:59 PST). I decided to download the game and give it a try. Here is my Predator Hunting Grounds Beta Review


Gameplay -this game requires you to be online to play. You can either choose to be a part of the Elite Fireteam (maximum of 4 players) or choose to be the Predator. If you are part of the Elite Fireteam you are given a set of objectives like retrieving a file and escaping thru a Helicopter while you try and avoid or kill the Predator. If you choose to play as the Predator, all you need to do is kill everyone. I enjoyed playing as the Predator because I am a solo player. Because the Predator is outnumbered, of course it has stronger (and cooler) skillset. Playing as part of the Elite Fire team requires cooperation and constant communication. You need to stick together and have a strategy on how you would take the enemy A.I, accomplishing the objectives while trying to avoid being killed by the Predator. Overall the gameplay is enjoyable whether playing solo or playing with friends. Each round is short that it only lasts around 15 minutes making it to be easily addicting. Hopefully, this does not get ruined by cheaters/hackers.

Graphics and Performance – Enjoyable visuals, explosions, gross blood spills, pulling out the enemy’s internal organs or eating a dead animal all while having a decent fps performance. No stuttering/tearing issues throughout the trial period. I am playing on a decent PC rig with Rtx 2060 as my graphics card.

Sounds/Music -very crucial part of the game. Playing as part of the Elite Fire team, you have to listen to sounds very attentively. It gives you a lot of clues as to where the Predator can attack. The overall music is okay. I was hoping it could be more “suspense” vibe especially when playing as part of the Elite Fire team.


Crossplay -the patch notes says it has crossplay between PS4 and PC and there is even an option in the settings to either turn it off or on. But I could not recall I was able to play with someone using PS4 during the Beta.

Bugs – Playing as the Predator, I frequently experience getting stuck on tree or getting stuck on ground. The only way to get rid being stuck is by clicking the dismount action. There are also couple of bugs where in the Wrists blade is not doing any damage to enemy player. The tutorial was a bit buggy as well. It asks me to kill the enemy but the attack command is not working. I had to close and restart the game.

Queuing – Each round only lasts around 15 minutes, but queueing time lasts forever.  It usually takes me around 3 minutes just to get to a lobby and then another 5 minutes to actually start the hunt. Probably because everyone was trying to play as the Predator? Maybe because we do not have enough players. Hopefully this improves during actual release. Another annoying thing, is that while in the lobby, the game does not actually tell you that you need to press the “Ready” button. They should make it more obvious especially there is NO CHAT in the lobby.


The game is available for Preorder on Epic store (PC) for only $15 USD. I did enjoy the free weekend so I am gonna buy it. I won’t give this a score until I get to play the actual game which will be released on April 24, 2020.

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