New World Review


New World from Amazon Games

I am one of the many MMORPG fans who have been itching for a new MMORPG game. While Final Fantasy XIV, Guild Wars 2 and WoW are still fun to play, it can’t be help to want for something fresh and new given that the mentioned MMORPG are several years old. 

New World initially announced to be released this year, but delayed in until 2021 spring. With that said, my New World review will be about the Preview version of the game.


Trade Skills is currently the only feature of this game that I really like. I like crafting stuff so I really had to much fun in this aspect of the game. In fact, I only wanted to level my character up so I can gather, harvest and mine on places with higher level monsters. If there is anything I wanted to change in the Trade skills, that would be to make low level resources like Hemp, Iron Ore and silver ore etc, more common. I wanna dab everytime I find these resources.

New World Review


Combat is bad and I am talking about normal attack and abilities queuing. Maybe they wanted to mimic Dark Souls/Monster Hunter style combat where if you spam your normal attack or ability it would punish you. But this is worse. Everytime you attack, the system puts it in the queue and you won’t have the option to cancel it. You will have to wait until the queued attacks are finished.

Quests are boring and repetitive. Remember the old school MMORPGs where the quests  are mainly kill x monsters and pick up x items then deliver it to x person? Yeah those are the quests here. Note these are MAIN STORY quests. I use to call it “Fedex Quests” but because this is a game made by Amazon, should I call it “Amazon quests” ?

Enemy monsters have the same pattern and their iFrames are insanely long. PvE is not much of a fun the normal monsters and their captains have the same set of movements. Backstep(shield if they have one), CC, then attack. What adds to my annoyance is the insanely 2-3 seconds long iFrame of these monsters. iFrames are the frames in their animation where the monster is invincible. Who does this?

Hatchet is OP – this is a more forgivable “CON” of the game because this can be easily patched (they still have around 9 months before the full version is released). In every game there would be a few weapons or skills or classes that will be overpowered. In this game, it is the hatchet. It has a lot of cc, restores health every time you kill a monster, berserk mode is extended every time you kill and as if those were not enough, you are un-killable while on berserk mode.

Technical issues

I separated the technical issues from the CONs as these are not really part of the core gameplay.

Crashes – I had multiple Javelin_x64 client crash errors. I also did multiple reinstalls. It sucks because this is around 100 GB in size.

Memory leaks  – this game is the only game I played where it consumes 14 GB of my 16 GB of RAM. They have to fix this.

Textures does not load – this maybe related to the memory leaks above, but every time I fast travel to the INN, the textures does not automatically load as soon as I am back in the town.


I don’t suggest preordering this game. Wait until the full version is released on 2021. While my New World review is mainly for it’s Preview version, I doubt they can make so much changes if they only have 9 months around before the full version is released. I will update this post once the Full Version is out.

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