Mount and Blade 2 Early Access Review


Mount and Blade 2 is an action role playing game developed by TaleWorlds Entertainment. The game starts around 200 years before the events of Mount and Blade 1, and now here is my Mount and Blade 2 early access review.

Mount and Blade 2 Early Access Review


Gameplay – If you have never played Mount & Blade 1, the game provides an easy learning curve. The game is not too punishing if you make a mistake. Each of the factions in the game feels unique and different and are very close to their historical inspirations providing a realistic medieval world.The battles and sieges in this game are also beautiful and exciting. I also enjoyed the clan features where you can have children and continue to play when you initial character is old.

Replayability – Because of the different characters you can create, the vast options you can choose as you level up in the world, no two playthroughs will be the same for Mount & Blade 2 that is for sure. There is a lot of things that you can’t do in just a few runs in the game. This is something that is truly unique for the game.

Active Developer Updates – The game is still in early access but I am very pleased with how the developers are fixing issues and bugs and the way they listen to negative feedback from the community.

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Combat – the combat works is almost the same as its predecessor, Warband. I say for a 2020 game, it is clunky and has a lot of rough character movements. Also, I find it super unrealistic that you will have to fight 15 battles within 1 day of in game time. The game was marketed as having “Improved storytelling with voice acting and motion captured dialogue” again, for a 2020 game, its not.

Game Difficulty – it’s fun up to the point you realized that enemy AI will have the same tactics. The enemy will never try to flank you or counter your strategy.

Price – for the current status of the game, it is too expensive.


Mount and Blade 2 is not a horrible game but I just can’t get myself to recommend this game, yet.
I would say hold off for now, and check back a couple of months later. Meanwhile you might want to check Top 3 Open world RPGs to play while on lockdown.