Monster Hunter World PC Review in 2020


Monster Hunter is an action role playing game from Capcom which exploded in popularity when it was released on PSP. The game revolves around slaying huge monsters and collecting loots to craft weapons and equipment to fighter stronger and bigger monsters. Monster Hunter also paved way to the Hardcore action games like the souls series. I know that Monster Hunter World has been out in PC since 2018, but here is my review for 2020.


Gorgeous World – Visuals on the previous Monster Hunter titles were ok. But Monster Hunter World takes it on a new different level. The world is just simply beautiful. It is a living, breathing world.

Combat/Gameplay – I will admit that I am biased towards the gameplay. I am a Monster Hunter fan since Freedom Unite. I love fighting huge monsters that can one shot you. I enjoy fighting them for longer period of time. I enjoy looting the carcasses parts, I enjoy crafting and I enjoy getting back to the field to kill some more monsters and do the same thing again. Back in High School this was my absolute time killer. I enjoyed every moment of it. If you don’t like challenging boss fights and 10 minutes of combat is tediously long, this game is NOT for you.

Immersive – there are so many weapons and equipment that looks cool it is urging you to craft them even if you won’t really use it. You will also encounter tons of different monsters with different behavior/pattern.

Challenging – as you get stronger you will have a chance to fight stronger versions (subspecies) of monsters. Some may complain about the difficulty but hey, this game inspired Dark Souls remember?


Co-op Play is the worst – One thing that made Monster Hunter back on PSP really famous is the ability to play with your friends. While coop gameplay is supported, it is a pain to connect or join a multiplayer.  Monster Hunter World is playable solo, but it gets 10 times better when you can EASILY join a hunt with your friends. The worst? You cannot progress through the story with your friends.

Game Optimization (PC) – The optimization of graphics/performance on PC is horrible. I cannot understand why the release of Monster Hunter World and Iceborne were both delayed on PC when the resulting optimization is poor.


If you are a Monster Hunter fan like me or someone new to Monster Hunter but who loves fighting huge monsters and crafting cool weapons, I do not recommend it buying on it’s original price of $20. Wait for a 50% sale.

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