LOL Wild Rift Impressions

LOL Wild Rift Impressions
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The most anticipated Mobile Game this 2020 LOL Wild Rift has finally entered it’s limited Alpha Test in Philippines and Brazil last June 6. Let me share with you my LOL Wild Rift Impressions.

LOL Wild Rift Alpha test is available in two countries Philippines and Brazil and is currently only playable in Android OS. Developer RIOT games said that they will be only sending invites to random players from June 6 to June 27.  Several lucky players and well known streamers quickly shared their LOL Wild Rift Impressions. Being a LOL fan since season 3 I would call it a perfect mobile version of League of Legends PC.

Overall Gameplay

The developers of Wild Rift did a really good job capturing that LOL PC feels on mobile. While there are some adjustments to heroes, towers and minions a true LOL PC fan can’t deny that this is a genuine league gameplay.

If you are someone who plays Mobile MOBA like Mobile Legends and has NEVER played League of Legends in PC then you might say that the game is very slow. It is true that Wild Rift has a slow pace but it was never a bad thing when it comes to playing League of Legends. In fact, great players in LOL are those who can manage their lanes perfectly and not just someone who has the most kills.

Last hitting a creeps in Wild Rift is crucial like in LOL PC. You can only earn around 8 gold if you don’t last hit a creep as oppose to getting 40 gold per successful last hit. This is another thing players from Mobile MOBA should adjust if they wanted to get strong in Wild Rift. Managing lanes and securing objectives is more important than meaningless team fights.

Another important aspect in Wild Rift are the Wards. Vision is a vital part of the game as it allows you to make decisions whether to gank an enemy or secure objective or push a lane. It also helps to prevent being gank.

LOL Wild Rift
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Areas of Improvement

I think the only area of improvement for Lol Wild Rift are the controls. Aiming a skill is not as smooth as it should be. I am hoping that this is not intended especially if they are planning to add Lee Sin (ward hop +  flash + SS combo).  I also hope they can add a way to customize the outline of the skills in game.

Lol Wild Rift is already a well-polished game considering it is still in Alpha. I did not encounter any crash or bugs but had some lag issues which is expected. Hopefully we get past this Alpha test quickly so more people including iOS users can enjoy the game.

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