Honor of Kings/King of Glory/ Wangzhe Rongyao now has an English Patch

At least for the most of the important aspects of the game

Credit: Tencent Games
Image taken from actual game

Tencent’s multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) “Honor of Kings” is one, if not the highest grossing mobile game in the world. And with the release of an English Patch, it looks like things are about to get bigger.

According to market intelligence company, SensorTower , Honor of Kings brings in $4.5 Billion to Tencent since it’s October 2015 Launch.

While Arena of Valor is technically the international version of Honor of Kings, Arena of Valor is still ages behind in terms of the heroes available, the game modes, the items, the updated stats and skills of the heroes. In fact some of the heroes that are available inHonor of Kings for more than a year, is still in progress to be made in AOV.

Now things could change as Honor of Kings released an English Patch making it possible for non Chinese speakers to play the game. The English patch covers most of the essential parts for you to successfully play the game. There are still some areas that are written in Chinese but that would not cause any disadvantages especially in Ranked Game.

The only challenge for non Chinese users is to have a Tencent QQ or WeChat account. The game requires you to have either of those two in order to play. Registration can be quite frustrating as the server would always throw a “Server Busy Error” (QQ) or it would require you to ask a friend who has a Wechat account that is a month old to scan your QR code.

Would Tencent release Honor of Kings globally? Probably. But that would be 3 different MOBAs namely Arena of Valor, Honor of Kings and the soon to be release League of Legends:Wild rift, under the Tencent umbrella.

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