Dead cells: A game meant to be mobile


The game was initially released on PC and Gaming consoles but I was not able to play it on my PC as I have more backlogs on my PC games. Gladly, they decided to put this one on mobile. It is currently released on iOS with android coming some time later this year. The question is, is it worth it?


Price – a game that has earned a lot of awards, beautiful visuals and soundtracks, from a dozen (main story) to nearly 85 hours (completionists) that you can enjoy all for only $10 this is definitely a bang for buck.

Challenging but fair – monsters and boss fights are challenging. You are expected to die a lot and you are not punish for doing so. Every run, at least partially, the dungeons are randomized each time. It is a rouge-like 2D game about on Exploration, Combat, and Platforming.

Super replayable – This was first released on PC and game consoles but I think this game was meant to be mobile.

The game progresses in a way that you feel you’re getting just a little bit better every time, especially as you unlock runes and Boss Cells. The game is filled with secrets waiting for you to discover.  And oh, the game supports offline play and airplane mode so you can play no matter where you are.


Controls -It can get a bit frustrating with the controls. There are rare cases where my character is dodging and jumping the wrong way. I thought an external controller could be helpful however even if developer states that with iOS13 the game supports a ps4 or xbox one controller, it is not identifying within the game being connected. The options under controller do not show any options for a synced controller neither. (NOTE:  I am using iphone 8 plus)


Buy it. It is definitely worth every single money you spend on it.

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