Hades: A review not from Hell


Remember Bastion and Transistor? Get the best of these 2 award winning games and you get Hades. Another rogue-like dungeon crawler from Supergiant Games. While the game is still in Early Access (as of the time of writing, March 2020), I could not help but be amazed with this short but fun filled game. Here is my experience with Hades a Review not from Hell.


Sounds and visuals -the world is grim and beautiful. The music is excellent and the voice acting is perfect!

Highly Addictive – While the main story is short, there’s enough unlockable content to keep it interesting.

Controls/Gameplay – everything is buttery smooth. I had no issues with the game controls or any bug/glitch in the game despite still being in early access. Given the number of upgrades you can choose from, you get hundreds of unique experiences while trying to get out of the underworld.

Price – it’s price is within reason given the amount of content you can explore.


Short Game – the main story will only take you around 18-20 hours to complete. While you have dozens of contents to unlock, given how rich and flavorful the characters are, I am wishing that the main story could have been longer. (This may not really be a CON, but rather a room for improvement.)

Builds/Items that are no viable on high tiers– while there are tons of builds you can choose, only few are viable in higher difficulty. Aside from the builds, there needs to be some buffs on items that are also useless in higher difficulty (like the trinkets).


If you love Greek Mythology, you will definitely enjoy this game. The main story might be short and while it isn’t as great as Dead Cells, it is still worth the price of $10 USD.


Game Visuals
Game sounds/music
Game Play/Replayability
Game Controls
User Interface
Character Design
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