Flight Simulator 2020 Review


Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is finally here. Travel around the world, take scenic ultra realistic photos of places you wanted to visit. This game is naturally a stress reliever especially for the year 2020.

Flight Simulator 2020 review


Visually amazing. Highly detailed images especially those cities, mountains, bodies of water and popular man-made structures. It is so realistic that it is not just a flight simulator anymore. It is a photography software!! Check out Eric Adams Youtube video

Controls. I don’t really know how accurate it is versus flying a real aircraft, but the amount of controls that you have is daunting. Fortunately, Microsoft provides an all assists control options so even people like me whose flying experience is only with Grand theft auto, can still enjoy the game.

High replay ability.  I don’t enjoy playing Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 because it is challenging. I play it to relax and have fun. So far, the year 2020 has not been good to us. With the ongoing pandemic, our ability to travel has been restricted. Microsoft Flight Simulator allows me to see different real world places all while enjoying this game from my computer.


Long Loading times. I am not really bothered by the long loading times but I figure this could be a negative for some. I am using a midrange computer and it takes me around 5-10 minutes of load time. For me, it’s worth the wait.

Steep price. Obviously the steep price of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 might turn some players away. But for someone like me who enjoys wasting time travelling in a virtual world, enjoying a scenic view, $59 is worth it.

Crashes/Bugs. On it’s first day of release, I immediately downloaded it from Steam ( i did not have an option to preload it) and I encountered alot of issues. From game client crashing, from the installer not updating/stuck on blue bar and couple of crashes again. I had to reinstall the whole game, all 90 GB, just to make it playable. Hopefully, Microsoft already fix it.


This is definitely a must have game. With breathtaking realism, you will spend your time wandering the globe in pure awesomeness. I don’t recommend buying the more expensive editions, though if you have the extra money, then go for it.

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