Final Fantasy XIV : Is it Worth playing in 2020?

Is it too late to start?


Ten years after the MMORPG’s initial release, is it too late to start playing Final Fantasy XIV in 2020? Is Final Fantasy XIV worth playing in 2020?.

Last December 2019, I purchased a complete edition (PC version) of the MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV. Being an MMORPG fan, I was hesitant to buy this game because of the price of the game plus the subscription fee. But since Square Enix decided to sell the complete edition for half the price to encourage more players after they won multiple game awards last year, I decided to buy it. The complete edition included a free 30 day game time plus additional 15 days once you have reach level 30.

I initially started as a Lancer but decided to switch to Marauder because I did not like the gameplay of the Lancer. It was really slow and boring at the start but it gets fun after awhile ( after spending 70+ hours). There is a free trial (with restrictions) up to level 35 for those want to have a feel of the game before buying it.

My Warrior @ Lvl 34

“You can just waste hours just being amused and entertained without accomplishing anything”

Below are my personal experience when I started playing the game last December 2019. Hopefully for those who are thinking into getting this game, this would help you decide.


The Story telling is unique – Square Enix has been known for giving us compelling and fascinating stories. FFXIV is no exception.

Unique job system – This is a great feature of the game especially for people like me, who, always have the urge to create a new character for a different class whenever I see some cool skills or armor skins that is unique for another class. Here you can play any class on one character (after you reach a certain level and finish some quests). Because of this, collecting gears becomes easier too.

Huge Content – Crafting, Gathering, Raid etc. There are tons of things that you can do in this game. You can spend hundreds of hours without running out of content to explore or you can just waste hours just being amused and entertained without accomplishing anything. For some, this might be a turn off, but for me I am enjoying it.

Cross platform PC and PS4 – If you have a friend playing on PS4 and you are on PC, then you can play and have fun together. NOTE: If you are a PS4 player and wants to switch to PC, you have to buy the game again (which is technically not a good thing but I just thought it is better to mention it here).


Price – I am happy with the subscription based model. I believe that this kind of business model helps sustain an MMORPG. But charging for the game and expansions plus a monthly subscription fee is too much.

Slow, Dull and Boring start – the biggest issue I experienced is 2.x (before Heavensward) and below content. Everything is a fetch quest. I dragged myself to level 50+ just to get to Heavensward. 288 quests to be exact. Main Story quests will only give you half experience through a level. To level up, I had to do tons of Fedex Quests, teleport talk to an NPC, teleport again somewhere to talk to that same NPC and teleport back to the original location just to talk to the same NPC. If that is not slow enough, part of the Main Story quests are Dungeon quests. This is a major CON for me because I have to queue for dungeons. Don’t get me wrong. Dungeons on this game are great but would be 100% better if you could do them at your own time and not to advance the main story.

Aside from that, not everything has voice acting. For the price, I was expecting everything to have voice acting. I almost quit and shelved the game but glad that I did not. For those who have some extra cash, you can pay around $11 to skip the boring part ( A Realm Reborn Story skip).

PVP is not thrilling – there is nothing I can say about it. If you love PVP, chances are, you would hate this. Hopefully, in the future updates, Square Enix can do better for the PVP.

Technical issues/Terrible Customer Service – I am running a modest PC rig with Intel 4770 CPU, RTX 2060, 12GB of RAM on Windows 10 64 bit. I had an issue creating an account, another when downloading the game. I opened ticket for both issues. They responded 5 days later. Reddit, Google, and FFXIV facebook groups helped me resolved my issue within the day. Oh, and the game is not launching when I select DX11. I had to use DX9.


Should you play Final Fantasy XIV in 2020? YES! with reservations.

  • $60 for the game is too much given it has subscription fees, if you are like me who only earns enough, wait for another 50% off sale.
  • Make sure you have the patience and several ( to 100) hours to spare (or an extra $11) to get past the boring chapters of the game.


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