Final Fantasy XIV free to play

Rejoice! fellow MMORPG lovers, Final Fantasy XIV will be expanding its free trial to include both the entire base game as well its first DLC, Heavensward.

This huge expansion was announced during the latest Producer Livestream. This update will be added once the patch 5.3 is released on August 11 2020.  Players will be able to access all playable content up to Heavensward. You can also reach up to level 60 (previously capped at level 35) for all the classes including Dark Knight, Astrologian and Machinist. This also means you will have access to high level quests and raids.

FFXIV Common mistakes

Aside from increasing the level cap and content that you can play, free trial users will have the choice to create a character with Au’ra race

Final Fantasy XIV Free Trial would have no limits on content or playtime for both the base game and Heavensward but the same feature restriction still apply. The most notable restrictions are not being able to join Free Companies (FCs or guilds helped me alot when leveling up) and not being able to use Market Boards.

Is Final Fantasy XIV worth playing in 2020? Well given this huge update you surely will have a lot of time to decide whether this game is for you or not.

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