FFXIV 3 Common Mistakes

If you are new to FFXIV, or is planning to buy the complete edition of the game, you might want to check my Final Fantasy XIV 2020 review. This game is massive, it’s exciting and there is a lot of things that you can do. I want to share with you my experience playing the game and what I consider FFXIV 3 Common Mistakes for newbies.

Not Fully Utilizing the Trial

FFXIV is not a cheap game. You have to buy the game, then you have to pay for the monthly subscription after you have exhausted the free 45 days. With that said, I should have started first in Free Trial, then reach level 30 before I activated my account. The progress you made during the free trial should still carry after you upgraded your account.  To me the real content of FFXIV starts at Heavensward and beyond (content 2.x and above) which is around level 48-50.

Not Utilizing Preferred Servers and Free Companies

Preferred servers are those servers where players get extra leveling buff. For a totally new solo player, choose Preferred Servers. It is less populated and high experience rate. The preferred status changes from time to time and I think Square Enix does this to encourage other players from highly populated server to transfer to less populated servers. Aside from the Preferred status, make sure to join a Free Company as soon as you can. Free Companies are like guild/clan where you get to meet other players in the realm. Depending on the level of the FC, they will have a leveling buff that can stack to the preferred status of the server.

Final Fantasy XIV 3 Common Mistakes
My Lancer @Level 5

Switching Classes early game

one of the coolest feature of FFXIV is their unique job system, where you can switch your character’s class at any point of the game, provided you have completed the quests. There are around 24 classes ( including crafting classes) in the game and it is very tempting to switch from one class to another. And that is exactly what I did. I was excited to try different skills so whenever I can, I try switching class. Even though your new class will start at level 1, the progress you made on your previous class will remain. I don’t recommend doing this, because it would be easier for your to level up your alternate character, when you have one class at around level 65 -70. Again this isn’t a deal breaker, but if you want to save time, focus on one class at the start.

Final Fantasy XIV 3 Common mistakes
I switched from Lancer to Marauder .

These are my FFXIV 3 Common mistakes but they are in NO way a deal breaker if you commit them. FFXIV is all about exploration, making friends, crafting gears and getting amazed with the beautiful environment. Enjoy the game!

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