Dauntless coming to Mobile

Visit https://playdauntless.com/roadmap/expanding-universe/mobile/ to know more.

What is Dauntless?

Dauntless is a free to play action role playing video game by Phoenix Labs and Epic Games. This is a “Monster Hunter” like game where the player takes down huge monsters, collect its loot and craft weapons and equipment to take on more powerful enemies. Dauntless is initially released on Windows, PS4 and Xbox and more recently on Nintendo Switch. Now, Dauntless is coming to mobile.

Cross Play

Imagine Monster Hunter with better multiplayer capability. While Monster Hunter is better in every aspect, one key strengths of Dauntless is the Cross Play feature. This allows players from PC to play with their friends on PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox consoles. And soon, it might come to Mobile. I do not know yet if the Mobile version will be included in the Cross Play feature but if monster hunting on Mobile phone? Why not!

Mobile Port

Last January 2020, Phoenix Labs was acquired by Garena which enabled them to develop towards the Mobile platform. The mobile version is currently in the early phase of development and while it may seem it is still far from being completed, I think this is a good move by Phoenix Labs to develop a mobile port. Capcom’s award winning Monster Hunter series gain huge popularity during the PSP Golden Age. PSP is a handheld console allowing players to hunt monsters wherever they go. Even though the game is available in Nintendo Switch, not many people have it the same way they have mobile phones. Developing an excellent port to mobile phones will definitely boost the number of players of Dauntless.