BEST Ergonomic Mouse and Keyboard for Carpal Tunnel syndrome in 2021

Technology and Innovation has made our lives easier, but it poses new health problems too. Using your computer either for work or leisure for more than 4 hours straight can cause numbness, tingling, and weakness in the hand and arm. This is called the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. There are many factors causing the Carpal Tunnel syndrome and one of those is using mouse and keyboard for prolong times. We have come up with  a list of the best Ergonomic Mouse and Keyboards for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

What are Common symptoms of Carpal tunnel syndrome?

Before we further discuss our best Ergonomic mouse and keyboards, let’s discuss first what are the common symptoms of Carpal tunnel syndrome.

  • Tingling or numbness. A tingling sensation or sometimes numbness in your hand is an early symptom of Carpal tunnel. This sensation is similar to having a soft electric shock in your arms. This is common felt when holding an object such as smartphone or when you are reading a newspaper.
  • Weakness. People who have Carpal tunnel syndrome usually have a weak handgrip. This means that you may drop objects a lot such as when you are holding a drinking glass, smartphone or anything that requires a firm grip.
  • Smooth thumb control, precise tracking
  • Perfect for tight workspaces
  • Up to 24-month of use from a single AA battery with the USB receiver
  • Convenient controls

How to Prevent Carpal Tunnel syndrome

There are no proven treatments that can prevent Carpal tunnel syndrome, however, you can reduce the change of getting a Carpal tunnel syndrome with the following tips:

  • Take frequent breaks. If your work requires you to sit down in front of a computer, cashier register, make sure that you a lot at least 5-10 minute break every 45 minutes. Stand up, walk or stretch a bit.
  • Observe proper posture. When using a keyboard make sure that you do not bend your wrist too much. Sit properly and do not lean your shoulders forward.
  • Vertical design encourages healthy wrist and less overall strain
  • 800 / 1200 / 1600 DPI
  • Enters power saving mode after 8 minutes idle
  • Perfect for people who work at length at the computer
  • Split and sloped keyboard for comfort and neutral alignment
  • Spill-proof keys make cleanup fast and easy
  • Dual wireless with 128-bit AES encryption security delivers the flexibility of 2 4 GHz and Bluetooth 4 0 LE with Government-grade encryption

  • Type more naturally with a curved, split KeyFrame.
  • Pillowed wrist rest offers 54% more wrist support and reduces wrist bending
  •  Type with confidence on a wireless keyboard crafted for comfort, Precision, and fluidity.
  • Ergonomist Approved: Ergo K860 is certified to improve posture and lower muscle strain


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